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Welcome to Insul-Seal Home Insulation, Rochester's oldest insulation company. We have been serving the Rochester area and all of the southern Minnesota for 37 years. Our quote - "Owner Operated Quality Service Since 1983" means a lot. Insul-Seal is used over and over again by builders and property managers and recommended by home inspectors, realtors, and roofers who all look to Insul-Seal to provide the highest quality products and service available in the Rochester area. 


We provide insulation in attics and sidewalls for cold and heat loss, ventilation against moisture problems, insulation removal and are your ice dam specialists. Whatever your insulation needs for your home or building we can handle them.  

  • Honest 

  • Reliable

  • Fair Prices 

  • Free Estimates

  • Highest Quality Products

  • Prompt, Courteous Service

  • Our experience outranks the competition 

  • Absolutely the most competent, professional installers 

Whatever mother nature dishes out around within 40 miles of Rochester, MN - from the sweltering heat of summer to the freezing cold of winter we can come to your rescue keeping your home at a comfortable temperature for you!

Our Services

Our Services

MN Energy


A guaranteed way to ensure quality installation, rebate 

eligibility and energy savings! 


There are new requirements for air sealing and insulation rebates.  All air sealing 

and insulation work must be completed by an Authorized Insulation Contractor of 

Minnesota Energy Resources. 


This seal ensures that a contractor follows the new requirements. 


Sealing and insulating a home is a great way to save on heating and cooling costs. 

And, with rebates of up to $650, even more can be earned. Recently, Minnesota 

Energy Resources has established a group of Authorized Insulation Contractors who: 


   • Agree to the program requirements and high quality standards. 

   • Received national BPI Installer certification.
   • Agree to quality assurance inspections.
   • Follow safety protocols to protect families. 


All air sealing and insulation work MUST be done by contractors participating in the 

Authorized Insulation Contractor Program in order to qualify for a rebate. 


For more information, visit

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Introducing the Authorized Insulation

Contractor Program

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