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Spray Foam Insulation is the process of using a sprayer that mixes two liquids to insulate walls, attics, ceilings, floors, basements and crawlspaces. Once sprayed, the liquids create a foam that expands to fill cavities and cover surfaces. Spray foam always results in a warmer winter, cooler summer and a nice decrease in energy bills. 


Why Choose Spray Foam?

Unlike the more traditional forms of insulation, spray foam is both an air and thermal barrier. At Insul-Seal Home Insulation, we use closed-cell spray foam, which also adds a vapor barrier. Spray foam does 3 jobs in one, whereas the more traditional forms don’t provide a barrier to air flow.  

Is Spray Foam Safe?

Yes! Spray foam doesn’t contain CFC’s, VOC’s, PENTA-BDE’s, or Formaldehyde. During installation, the foam produces fumes that some people may be sensitive to, so we recommend staying out of the home for 12-24 hours after spraying. After this time frame, the home is completely safe to live in.    


Benefits of Spray Foam

  • Rejects bulk water

  • Moisture Resistant

  • Pest and Mold Resistant

  • Prevents expensive air leaks

  • Adds strength to walls, making it impact resistant

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